Vanish (Working Title)

She cheated. She cheated a lot. It’s not that she wanted to, it became a compulsory habit over time. Being the middle of three, it was hard to win against the baby and the first born. Attention had to be obtained somehow, to her cheating seemed to be the best option. She had the highest grades out of all her siblings and yet she still got little to no recognition from her parents.

Often she thought that vanishing into to thin air would be much easier than trying to pry her parents attention away from her other two siblings. If she stepped behind an open door she was sure she would be gone the next time it closed. Lately she had taken to laying on the carpet under her bed and imagining herself becoming one with the shaggy tan pile.

Closing her eyes and intertwining her fingers in the grooves she slowed her breath to a low hiss. Her mind quieted itself and her body went numb. She felt herself slowly slip away from her body as she imagined what life would be like without her.



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