She shook violently as she woke from her dream.
‘It was a dream. It happened, but this was a dream…’ Her mind chided her gently. Superstition convinced us that dreams predicted the future, logic taught us they were a reflection of our thoughts. Shifting over to her side she began to count sheep.
‘one, two, three, four…,’ the count trailing off as she slipped back into troubled slumber. It was always the same, the dream. The setting and plot may be different, but the core remained the same. She was reliving the same event over and over in different dreamscapes while her physical body had move far beyond what had been the event that had played out in her life. What her mind didn’t understand was that she was still creating the end of the story, it only understood that their had been one end that had happened long ago. Many years of manipulation did that to a person. Once a person had convinced you that you needed them to function it was always hard to break away. When she finally realized he had manipulated her all along it was hard to see a continuation after the relationship had ceased. The moment she realized she had been manipulated for so long was the moment that haunted her and clouded her dreams. It had been that moment when manipulation had become her biggest fear.


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