Writers Write

They say that writers write and that is absolutely true. I’ve spent much of my life coasting off of half assed essays that earned me mild praise and I always felt a bit smug because of it. My father called it being a gifted¬†underachiever, I call it being flat-out lazy. Part of my laziness is caused by a lot of things I suppose, primarily because of depression, and I’ve come to a point in my life where I need to start actually living it. I’m going into my second year of college now and I have yet to begin any kind of personal writing. I’ve created this blog for one purpose… to write. To whom ever may be reading this, constructive criticism is welcome – negativity is not. This is meant to be ¬†place of positivity for me, and other writers. Many of us have had to go through dark times and find a way out of it; this is my way out. So in the spirit of writers writing I’ll be exploring different types of writing on this blog in order to find what best suites me. My hope is to post at least one piece of writing a week, with school quickly approaching we’ll soon see if I am able to keep such a promise. All of you ,currently non exisiting, followers please feel free to hold me to my promise and challenge me with different prompts.


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